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About my tailored 1-2-1 sessions (yoga/coaching)

1-2-1 sessions are specially curated for those who want a personalised yoga class or seek to develop their personal practice. These sessions support you to develop key skills, so that you can take what you learn on the mat into your life.

Lasting change comes from having clear sense of purpose, combined with key skills and practice over time (effort and determination). It involves showing up for yourself.

I will support you on your journey.

Svastha Yoga Domains

The content of your 1-2-1 yoga sessions will depend on your needs and goals, and

may draw on a range of skills and practices from the Svastha domains which include:


Habit and Change


Movement: Asana & Vinyasa


Breathwork and Pranayama


Awareness: Meditation

Brimham Rocks29.JPG


Senses and Lifestyle


Words and Thoughts


Feelings (Yoga Lens)


Meaning and Purpose

Curious to know more? Book a free 30-minute initial consultation about

your desire to practice yoga and create change in your life, and how I can support your process. 

Reminder: Always consult with your doctor before taking on any new exercise programme, including yoga. 


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