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You are in the right place if you want to connect with yourself through mindful movement, breathwork and meditative practices, and are ready to join a guided yoga class…

My group yoga classes:

  • Offer a guided accessible yoga practice

  • Introduce short routines and sequences to build muscle memory and support integration

  • Provide clear instruction on how to connect the breath with movement

  • Help you to apply basic principles to get more out of your practice

  • Provide a 'counterbalance' to the movement habits of daily life

  • May support recovery from high impact sports

  • End with restorative practices, to support integration of what you have learned on your mat... so that you can take it into your life.

Many students find that their mind becomes engaged in their practice, allowing the events of the day to fade into the background, and by the end of the session many feel that they have regained balance, with inner stillness and peace.

A taste of what my students say...

Emily, 20's
“I love how the practice grounds you in the here and now. Usually my mind is off thinking and worrying about a million things, but your yoga sessions help to keep me relaxed and centred. I feel so great afterwards.” 
Carolyn, 50s
“Having reminders to connect with parts of my body, to bring attention to my breath, to extend and feel my energy flow in ways that it has not for so many months, is the reward for attending classes.” 
Shella, 30s
“Julie is very clear with her instructions which made it easy for me to follow the steps.” 
(new student)

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Written content and photos by Julie Geissler. All rights reserved.

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