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This guide is for you if you desire to start a yoga practice and
want ideas on how to keep yourself safe in the process.
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New to yoga and wondering if it's right for you? Read on... 

Gillian, 40s
“Julie’s class is the only yoga class that I have joined which I do not regret being there half way through... over the years I have attended many yoga classes.
I always walk out after the class feeling happy that I made time in my busy family life to attend.
Cigdem, 40s
After the first class I found out that yoga was meant for me and that anyone could do it. Before joining Julie’s classes I was not sure if I would be able to do yoga or not.”
Pauline, 50s
“Once I got attended classes regularly, I began to feel the benefits of yoga (flexibility, strength, fitness, improved sleeping patterns and overall wellbeing). I tried yoga in the past, but felt it was too difficult (obviously because I was starting at the wrong level).”

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