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Many of my lovely clients arrived by word of mouth and I am grateful for their trust in me, and their kind insight and feedback.
Gillian, 40s
“I feel Julie takes into account ability and always has an easier or more difficult pose to suit her audience.” 
Cigdem, 40s
“In Julie’s classes she is always involved and trying her best to guide and support everyone... she recommends other options making sure everyone improves.” 
Shella, 30s
“Julie is very clear with her instructions which made it easy for me to follow the steps.” 
Pauline, 50s
“Since menopause, sleeping can be problematic. However, I do find that I can get back to sleep more easily and I can have little naps during the day where possible, especially if I practice the breathing techniques that we do in our yoga sessions beforehand.”
Carolyn, 50s
“Having reminders to connect with parts of my body, to bring attention to my breath, to extend and feel my energy flow in ways that it has not for so many months, is the reward for attending classes.” 
Elena, 50s
“In 2021, I underwent treatment for breast cancer and found that yoga helped me to remain fit, agile and able to deal with the effects of the chemotherapy. Julie was a great support during that time, during the yoga sessions and in between.”
Emily, 20s
“I love how the practice grounds you in the here and now. Usually my mind is off thinking and worrying about a million things, but your yoga sessions help to keep me relaxed and centred. I feel so great afterwards.” 
Shezhia, 50s
“I leave the class feeling very relaxed and de-stressed!”
Saba, 50s
“I feel physically and emotionally relaxed after every session. I find a new pose always challenging but feel better after giving it a try.”

Copyright (2024) Julie Geissler 


Written content and photos by Julie Geissler. All rights reserved.

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