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Where to find me.... 


From July 2024 I'm based in Durham, UK.

I am delighted to share that, in collaboration with Lone Wolf Vision, I am offering yoga classes and 1-2-1 personalised yoga/coaching sessions at Ushaw Historic House, Chapels and Gardens, Durham.

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Ushaw Historic House, chapels and gardens, is set in the heart of the County Durham countryside. As a child I would travel by car, bus and even bike between Durham and Consett, and would gaze across the fields towards the Ushaw Historic House and wonder on its purpose. At the time is was a seminary. Fast forward forty plus years and Ushaw Historic House has been transformed into a local heritage site, offering the perfect tranquil setting for yoga practice.


Ushaw Historic House, Chapels and Gardens is about 10 minutes from the heart of Durham

by car, and about half an hour by bus.

If you are looking to develop your yoga practice,

are seeking a guided yoga class or personalised 1-2-1 support,

please reach out and connect!


Copyright (2024) Julie Geissler 


Written content and photos by Julie Geissler. All rights reserved.

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