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Hi, I am Julie…

a freelance yoga teacher and 1-2-1 yoga coach, drawing on ancient yoga and ayurvedic practices.

The practice of yoga is, by design, a deeply transformational experience. It involves embracing change over time, which means crafting space in your life for practice and showing up for yourself in the moment and with your future self in mind.

I am here to guide you in that practice. I will help you to bring new healthful patterns into your life through the multi-dimensional practices of yoga: asana, pranayama and meditation and more. This involves connecting with the body, breath and mind in an integrated way, with awareness.

Do you want to start, build or enhance a yoga practice that works for you, that meets your needs and supports your desire for lasting change? Then let’s get started…


Copyright (2024) Julie Geissler 


Written content and photos by Julie Geissler. All rights reserved.

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