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Julie Geissler - Yoga

Sharing yoga for the everyday human athlete

seeking wellbeing and fitness for life or value added practice for enhanced performance in sport. 


I'm a Jeddah based registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga Sports Coach (TM), sharing my ever evolving practice. 

The joy of finding a yoga practice that works for you and meets your needs can be a lifelong journey. Mine began with Iyengar Yoga then transitioned to Ashtanga Vinyasa and  Vinyasa Flow, and then most recently Yoga Sports Science(TM) (Hatha roots). Irrespective of the style, for me, the practice is about learning to meet yourself where you are, and then leaning in, allowing yourself to experience, change and embody. The practice is the process we experience, and the impact it has on our lives, both on and off the mat.

​ I came to realise that continuous learning is my joyful energetic state, and feel thankful to welcome all that there is to learn from the world of yoga and its rich traditions. For the next 12 months my vision is to continue to build my practice and integrate learning through the opportunities that life brings; and life (the universe) can be surprising so I remain open minded! September 2022 has been all about delving deeper into Sun Salutation sequence, and embodying through practice (with modifications that honour my body and respect my limits) and deeper reading of research-based papers and historic documents. October 2022 brought Yin Yoga training and Chair Yoga training, and from those experiences I decided to embark on Yoga Therapy training in December… which will take me into and through 2023! More to follow…

My wish for you is to find something of interest to inspire your own practice, wherever you might be on that journey. I thank all my students for showing up on their mats weeks after week and trusting the process with me.

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Copyright (2022) Julie Geissler 

Written content and photos by Julie Geissler. All rights reserved.

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